Order Picker Deck with Back Stop

  • Designed for transporting case goods during the “pick, put, and place” process
  • Lightweight, with handle on back, for easy moving
  • Deck can be constructed to matchup with any order picker deck height – Universal forklift pockets

Our Objective: Provide an easy to move order picker that can accommodate a variety of sizes of packages.

New Age Industrial’s model #50617 features an open deck with a backstop to allow for a variety of sizes of packages for transporting.

Order picking carts that are made from steel can only be moved with an order picker. Steel carts also have load restrictions, are heavier than aluminum carts, and will frequently rust.

Our aluminum order picking carts are approximately 300lbs. This lighter design makes them easy to move and they can be positioned manually for the “pick, put, and staging” functions.

Order Picker Deck with Back Stop